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Benefits of revivEARTH Bamboo Straws

Benefits of Bamboo Straws

The rate at which we use plastics has become a major danger to our planet. You already know that anyway. But do you know that, in order to safeguard our environment, you can and should use revivEARTH bamboo products like bamboo straws and tooth brush?

Yes, bamboo straws which are made from bamboo are 100% natural, safer alternative to the harmful plastic straws we are used to.

Here are some benefits of bamboo straws

  • Bamboo straws are safe to use, unlike plastic straws which contains chemicals that may leach into liquids and become health hazards. Made totally from natural material, bamboo straws pose no health challenges.
  • Sustainability of bamboo straws makes it the best alternative. They are biodegradable and cause no pollution or damage to the ecosystem. You get them from the soil and they go into the soil afterwards and decompose naturally. Besides, the bamboo plant is one of the most eco-friendly plants on earth. It requires no fertilizers, no pesticides or replanting, but regenerates naturally. This makes bamboo straws eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Using bamboo straws is cost-effective because they are reusable and last long. When you buy a high quality set, you can use them over and over for years. But, of course, you must take good care of them.
  • You can wash your bamboo straws after each use to ensure that no dirt is stuck on it. You can hand wash them, or better still, buy those ones that come with brushes. That way, you can easily wash off any dirt inside the tube.
  • Bamboos are naturally anti-bacterial and so hardly harbor bacteria as is the case with plastic straws.
  • Bamboo straws are aesthetically designed to be appealing. Some come with nice polish finishing enhancing the beauty. This type is dish-washer safe. They have no sharp, ragged ages either.
  • Use of bamboo straws eliminates plastic waste. Even though most of us are aware of the dangers of plastic to our environment, we keep using them. Plastic is polluting our oceans at a disturbing rate which also adversely affects the aquatic life. Bamboo straw is a better option as it does not pollute the environment or affect the ecosystem, but rather enriches it when it decomposes.

To make sure your bamboo straws are kept clean, wash immediately after each use. You can also hand-wash or shake in warm-soapy water.

In addition, always make sure your bamboo straw is dry before storage and store in a well ventilated environment to avoid moisture building up in the straws.

Always use bamboo straw and other bamboo products like tooth brush to protect our environment.


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