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The environment is at the forefront of our minds and our news these days. And it was about time.

My environmental awareness began at a young age, when I asked my grandmother what the tall green box in her kitchen was, and when I recall complaints about her digging in the trash to pull out the recyclables.

Well, now I have found myself doing the same. Pulling recyclables out of the trash, the street, the neighborhood. Spreading (sometimes shouting) the gospel of reduce, reuse, recycle. Teaching people I love how to recycle. Transitioning to a mostly plant-based diet. Starting a worm compost in my own home, feeding them my plant-based scraps, and learning how to make their environment hospitable. I cringe when I’m traveling and there is no recycling available. I get angry when I see someone litter or throw a plastic bottle in the trash can. It is hard for me to understand how people could be indifferent about the environment, sometimes downright careless, in the case of littering. 

Close family members also became increasingly aware, vocal, and profoundly inspiring in their own adjustments into eco-friendly living. I credit them with pushing me from knowledge to action, as I began to do the same. One by one, I replaced items that I NEED to use on a daily basis, with eco-friendly alternatives. 

We well know that it is best to REDUCE first, REUSE second, and RECYCLE third. However, some things are a MUST-like shampoo and soap and toothbrushes. During this transitional process in my own life, I began to notice that so many companies that have jumped on the so-called “eco-friendly” bandwagon have done so in great error. Selling reusable straws that are literally wrapped in unrecyclable plastic. Packaging “package free” products in boxes made of bleached cardboard. Including paper ephemera, i.e., coupon cards, receipts, product instructions. Shipping their products all over the world adding to the carbon footprint. None of these things made sense to me!

That is why you will NEVER see us use ANY plastic packaging. We ONLY use reused or recycled materials-NEVER virgin cardboard or paper. You will NOTICE our packaging looks quite humble-brown paper, cardboard, and labels. Nothing fancy. Only what is needed to get your products to you in a way that is safe for the products AND the earth. You will find ALL of our coupons, receipts, and product instructions of use online. We REPAY the earth by planting ONE TREE FOR EACH PRODUCT SOLD with our world-changing partner, One Tree Planted. 

Before, I could not find ethically produced, environmentally friendly products with conscious packaging and shipping. Now, I hope to save you the time and the heartache, by filling the gap in the eco-friendly market.