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How to Become a revivEARTH Ambassador


We are all about helping people work from home and make their own hours. You will earn 30% on everything you sell. An easy place to start is with friends and family, but you can sell as much as you want with your own Ambassador website. We make it simple for you! You sell the products, and we’ll do the rest. Here are the details:


Benefits of Becoming a revivEARTH Ambassador:

  1. Make a 30% commission on everything you sell through your own affiliate link. 

  2. The website is already created and we manage the site for you.

  3. You get to use and become familiar with our products.

  4. Make your own hours.

  5. Build your own network.

  6. Work from home.

  7. Get paid for your sales through Paypal or Venmo.

  8. We will do all the packaging for you. You will NEVER need to package or ship ANYTHING!

  9. You will be helping the environment by helping us accomplish our zero plastic goal.

How to Start Today:

  1. Use the following link to register and create your unique password:

  2. Suggested: Subscribe for a monthly automated shipment to our Amazing Aroma Starter Kit (OPTIONAL) so that you can experience the products for yourself. You will get a shampoo bar, a conditioner bar, a soap bar, and a bath bomb in the scent of your choice. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

  3. Use your affiliate link to sell revivEARTH products online. You can use text, email, Instagram, Facebook, or whichever social media platform you may choose to sell the products and get 30% commission on everything you sell.

  4. To achieve the highest earnings, we suggest encouraging your customers to sign up for automated shipping. This guarantees repeated customers for you which will be reflected in your profit! 

  5. Email us every time you make a sale and Get paid!

If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at:
We look forward to working with you!