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Benefits of revivEARH Metal Straws

Benefits of Metal Straw

In a world that is being threatened by our lifestyle and choices, we all need to be more green-conscious. Thankfully, more and more people are beginning to see the need to reduce the use of plastics and turn to metal straws and bamboo straws. To reinforce that practice, we shall take a look at the benefits of revivEARTH metal straws.

revivEARTH Metals straw are an exceptional, eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. Plastics take eternity to decompose and cause lots of harm to the environment.  The various benefits of metal straw make it a better option than plastic straws.

Benefits of Metal Straws

Safety: revivEARTH Metal straws are safe to the ecosystem as well as to its users. Made mostly from stainless steel, they are BPA free. Metal straws are safe as they do not interact with chemicals to pose health challenges.

Reusable: You can wash them on the go and reuse as often as you want. Metal straw can last an awfully long time without having any health implications on you. As most are made from stainless steel, they do not corrode easily.

Eco-friendly: If you finally decide that it is time to do away with your metal straws, you can actually recycle them and they’d become useful in some other ways. They do not pose any hazard to the ecosystem.

But plastic straws release harmful chemicals and fumes right from manufacturing stage. The by-products and disposed plastics pollute the environment and cause devastation to the marine life and ecosystem.

These adverse effects of plastics can be minimized with the use of reusable straws like metal straws.

Easy to clean: You can easily rinse off your metal straw after each use by sipping clean water through it. But if it needs deeper cleaning, most of them usually come with cleaning brush for easy hand cleaning using soap and water.

Better still, you can toss them into the dishwasher and they’d be safely cleaned for you.

Durable: Metal straws are reusable and do not break easily. You can use them for ages. One metal straw can last longer than packs of plastic straw because they are made from stronger material.

Overall less expensive: When you compare the cost of buying use and throw away plastic straws to the reusable metal straw, you will see that metal straws are more cost-effective. For the fact that plastic straws cost the government lots of money to dispose of also makes them more expensive. There is also the life-threatening cost it exposes the environment to.

Help save our environment, use safer materials like metal straws, bamboo straws and tooth brushes.


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